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What Are The 3 Main Steps Of Electric Motor Rewinding?

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If you have an electric motor that is showing signs of its age, then you could be thinking about having electric motor rewinding done. You might have heard that this is a good way for you to restore your electric motor so that you can get way more use out of it without having to replace it. Electric motor rewinding can be incredibly effective. You'll want to have it done by a professional, but if you're curious about how the process is done, consider the following three main steps of electric motor rewinding. 

Removing the Existing Windings

The first step of electric motor rewinding is removing the windings from your electric motor. Motor windings are conductive wires that are designed to allow current to flow so that the motor can work like it's supposed to. Over time, these wires can become worn out, cracked, or otherwise damaged. These wires have to be removed from your electric motor very carefully for safety reasons and to avoid damaging the motor. Completely removing the wires is often a good idea, since it can sometimes be difficult to determine which windings need to be replaced and which ones are in good shape.

Installing New Winding

Of course, once your motor windings have been removed, they will need to be replaced. This is a bit more challenging than many people realize. Proper research has to be done to determine how many wires should be installed so that your electric motor can work like it's supposed to. The wires need to be the proper size and shape, and they need to be installed properly.

Insulating the Winding

The winding inside of an electric motor has to be insulated for a few reasons. This is done for safety purposes since it can help prevent electric sparks or other possible issues. It's also done to protect the wires. The right type of insulation has to be used and installed, and the proper amount has to be added. Once this is done, your electric motor can be tested to make sure it's ready for use.

Although these three steps might seem pretty simple, it's easy to make a mistake and potentially damage your electric motor if you don't know what you are doing. Therefore, you should definitely hire an electric motor rewinding service to rewind your electric motor for you. Then, you should have the best results with your electric motor, and you may find you will get a lot more life out of it.

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