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Why You Need A Certified Electrician Before An Electrical Inspection

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Certified electricians ensure safe and up-to-standard electrical systems installations. In addition, they help you get through a commercial building electrical inspection. Discover why you need a certified electrician before the electrical inspector shows up.

1. Checks Your Wiring

A commercial electrician ensures your wiring passes an electrical inspection. In addition, the electrician provides commercial wiring installation services that meet electrical standards. Also, they detect and repair safety issues in electrical wiring compromised by water damage or age.

2. Ensures You Have the Necessary Electrical Outlet Points 

You need various outlets to ensure your commercial building passes an electrical inspection. Different power outlets exist depending on your commercial building needs. A certified electrical contractor helps you install the required outlets. In addition, they ensure you have enough power for all outlets.

For example, the electrical outlets of a restaurant tenant will differ from those of a banking tenant. A restaurant needs heating points for applications such as frying french fries. On the other hand, a bank mainly needs lighting and workstations outlet solutions.

3. Repairs Electrical Equipment

A licensed electrician can repair standard commercial building equipment. These include power backups, lighting fixtures, and HVAC systems. The repair services help you save on equipment replacement costs. In addition, HVAC systems are a crucial component of a commercial building inspection. The certified electrician ensures your HVAC system passes the electrical inspection.

4. Undertakes Electrical Safety Equipment Checks

A certified electrician chooses the proper electrical safety equipment for your needs. Also, they assess the existing equipment to ensure they meet the inspection standard. For instance, you might have used wrong-rated circuit breakers. The electrician will replace them with the correct ones. In other cases, the electrician assesses and fixes fire safety sensors in readiness for the inspection.

5. Ensures the Ideal Placement of Switches and Lighting Fixtures

A certified electrician places switches and lighting fixtures appropriately. This move ensures your commercial building passes an electrical inspection. Lighting controllers must be in easy-to-reach locations. On the other hand, the electrician fixes lighting fixtures in areas with minimal glare or shadows.

The certified electrician ensures you have quick access to the electrical main control systems. This includes the ideal placement of meter and breaker boxes. Proper placement of these fixtures facilitates a smooth sail through the inspection.


As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of your employees and customers. Therefore, you must ensure that your commercial building passes an electrical inspection. Therefore, hire a certified electrician to meet the electrical inspection's demands.

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