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Work As An Electrician? Why You Should Keep Spray Foam Insulation On Hand

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If you're an electrician, you might not think you need to keep spray foam insulation on hand. That's not the case though. Many people don't think of spray foam insulation when electrical tools come to mind. But, spray foam insulation can be a valuable tool when you're an electrician.

Below you'll find four reasons why you should include spray foam insulation with your electrical tools.

Prevent Electrical Fires 

When you're an electrician, you need to be concerned about electrical fires. After all, an electrical fire can smolder for quite a while before it's noticed. By that time, the home can be a total loss. Not to mention the risk electrical fires pose to the family inside the home. That's where spray foam insulation comes into the picture. Electrical wiring is already insulated, but that insulation can get damaged. To reduce the risk of damage, you can seal the electrical wires with insulation. That way, the wiring is protected, which can prevent electrical fires. 

Close Unwanted Gaps

When you install electrical systems, you might leave small gaps behind. Some of those gaps can occur around the outlets and switches. Gaps can even show up around electrical panels. Unfortunately, gaps can prevent a secure fit. One way to ensure a secure fit is to close the gaps with spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation expands as it dries. When that happens, all those gaps will be sealed tight. That leaves your electrical components with a secure fit. 

Alleviate Wire Fraying

When it comes to installing electrical wiring, you need to worry about fraying. Ordinary movement can cause electrical wiring to fray. Once wiring gets frayed it will need to replace. Frayed wires pose several problems. First, frayed wires can short out the power to your home. Second, frayed wiring can cause electrical shocks. Finally, frayed wires can cause electrical fires. You can reduce the risk of fraying by sealing the wiring in spray foam insulation. 

Reduce Energy Loss

When you install electrical wiring in a home, you need to ensure proper energy efficiency. One way to do that is to reduce the areas where energy loss can occur. That's where spray foam insulation comes in handy. Because spray foam insulation expands, it can get used in all the areas where air can escape. This can include areas around the electrical wiring, as well as around the holes made for switch boxes and outlets.