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Is Your Home Ready For An Electrical Panel Upgrade? What Homeowners Should Consider

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In the average home, the electrical panel is the point where a concentrated source of electrical power enters the structure and is then divided among dozens of circuits to supply the power needs of the entire residence. While an electrical panel that is properly sized and professionally installed can remain safely in place through decades of use, most will need to be upgraded at some point in time. Homeowners who are wondering whether their current electrical panel should be considered for replacement can use this information to help make the right decision. 

Enlarging size

One of the most common reasons for homeowners to upgrade an electrical panel is related to the size of the current panel and whether it is able to handle the power demands of the household. If the home currently has a 100 amp panel, it will not be able to safely power some types of appliances, such as: 

  • electric ranges and ovens
  • electric dryers 
  • electric water heaters
  • some types of well pumps 
  • some types of electric heaters 
  • electric furnaces 

Even homes where no high usage electrical appliances are used can still benefit from upgrading from a 100 amp service panel to one that provides 200 amps. The larger panel can be helpful in providing enough space for adding new circuits for needs like additional lighting, security cameras, or the installation of additional electrical outlets in the home.

Eliminating fuses

Homes that were built or wired for electrical power before modern service panels became common may still utilize fuses to distribute the power from the box to the circuit. While fuse panels in good condition may be safe to use, they are often unable to meet the higher demand for power that many types of appliances and electronics now require. Upgrading an existing fuse panel to a modern electrical panel that utilizes a variety of breaker sizes can help to ensure that all types of home appliances and electronics can be used safely and dependably throughout the home. 

Ensuring safety

The most important reason to begin planning for an electrical panel upgrade is when there are safety concerns. A large number of house fires each year are attributed to electrical issues, some of which may have been prevented by upgrading the electrical panel to address known safety issues in the home. If your current electrical panel is experiencing frequently tripped breakers or having any type of issue that could create a safety hazard, upgrading the panel and installing new breakers should be considered. 

To learn more about electrical panel upgrades and why your home may need one, contact a company like Haddad Electric LLC