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3 Things That Indicate A Need For A New Electrical Panel Installation

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Outdated electrical panels are a common issue in older homes. Sometimes homeowners are unaware that they have outdated electrical hardware in their homes. They might initially assume that weird occurrences within their homes are minor. Outdated electrical panels and fuse boxes can pose a number of risks. They can lead to electrical fires and may also cause damage to expensive items like electronics and appliances.

Homeowners should not assume that their electrical panels are best for their home because of an upgraded panel years ago. It is possible for a panel that has been in a home for several years to be insufficient because of increased demands for electricity since the installation. The following points can be used as a guideline to determine if you might need to consider getting panel installation services.

Recalls from Manufacturer

A common mistake that homeowners may make is failing to register products that they have installed in their homes. This can lead to missed manufacturer recalls. An electrician can determine if electric panels have been recalled. They can also determine if there are options for free replacements or advise about the best way to correct the issue.

Aged or Damaged Wiring

Homes that have never been rewired likely have worn-out wiring. This can affect the overall performance of electrical systems. Sometimes the wiring in electrical panels might deteriorate and wiring elsewhere in a home might be in good condition. Electrical inspections are the best way to determine if a whole-house rewiring or specific areas need to be rewired. Aged and damaged wiring behind the surfaces of walls might be evident around electrical sockets. The sockets may overheat and warp. Sparks might also emit from them and leave soot or other signs of fire. 


Electrical panel boxes that have corrosion might not be equipped to perform as expected. This phenomenon can occur when panel boxes are located in areas that expose them to moisture and the elements. Panels that get damaged and sustain chipped paint or dents might be more likely to get compromised by corrosion. If the door to the panel does not close because of damage, it is likely that corrosion will occur. Homeowners who get their electrical systems routinely inspected can identify panel issues that may lead to damage.

An electrician is a good resource to use to determine if a new panel installation could improve the safety and performance of your electrical system. They can perform comprehensive electrical inspections to identify a variety of system flaws. 

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