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When Do You Need An Emergency Commercial Electrician For Your Restaurant?

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You might have hired a commercial electrician once or twice to help you with various electrical projects in your restaurant, but you might not have had to contact an emergency electrician before. However, there are times when electrical emergencies can happen in restaurants. If you find yourself dealing with an electrical emergency -- such as one of the emergencies listed below -- then you should contact a commercial emergency electrician as soon as possible. These are some of the times when you might need to do so.

The Power Isn't Working for Refrigeration Equipment

You might have multiple refrigerators and freezers in your restaurant, and they probably have to be hooked up to special electrical outlets that can handle the load. If the power isn't working for your equipment, then you need to act quickly, since you do have to worry about food safety or throwing out the food that is currently stored in your refrigerator or freezer. A professional can come to assess the issue and help you get power back to your refrigeration equipment so you can avoid these costly, serious problems.

There's a Burning Smell

Next, you should always pay attention to electrical smells in your restaurant. If you notice a burning smell that can't be explained by something that the cooks were doing in the kitchen, you should take action immediately. This could be a sign of a wet electrical outlet, a damaged electrical wire, or some other damage. There could be a possibility of a fire or serious damage to your electrical wiring, so contact an emergency commercial electrician immediately.

Circuit Breakers Are Tripping Frequently

If the circuit breakers in your restaurant's electrical panel are tripping frequently, you should know this might be an emergency situation. These breakers trip to help prevent electrical fires, so the fact that your breakers are tripping means that something is amiss. Your electrical panel might be overloaded because of all of the equipment that you have running, especially if you have electric kitchen equipment instead of gas-powered equipment. There could also be an issue with your wiring. To prevent electrical fires and to be sure that your electricity is reliable and in good working condition in your restaurant, you should contact a commercial electrician immediately. They can perform tests and inspections to figure out why your circuit breakers are tripping. Then, they might make repairs or advise that you upgrade your electrical wiring.